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Online Clown Workshops taught by Caroline Dream are a powerful personal, educational, and clowning experience.

They will help you both professionally and personally whether you are (or wish to be) a clown or simply want to learn techniques to apply in your work or life.

If what you want is to discover or delve further into the world of clowns; learn about different aspects of technique, how to be funnier, how to embrace your ridiculousness, or evolve beyond any personal stuckness, then these workshops are for you.

Teaching clown workshops since 1998.

She has been teaching clown since 1998 throughout Spain, and internationally in the USA, Portugal, Germany, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico and Colombia. Her online trainings are attended by clowns from all over the world.

Have you ever dreamed of making people laugh while discovering your own unique sense of humor? Then you’re in the right place!

Get ready to unleash your clumsiest side and receive applause for it. Yes, you read that right, because the clown turns mistakes and failures into success. We’re here to help you be even clumsier and do it with style!

Set aside your embarrassment and get ready to proudly wear your red nose. Caroline Dream and Alex Navarro invite you on a journey of laughter, madness, innocence, and pure fun. Ready to discover your inner clown?

Whether you’re a novice in the world of clowning or you’ve worn the nose more than once, in our courses, you’ll find a space where you can be yourself and explore your most enthusiastic side.

We invite you to embark on an exciting adventure full of laughter by enrolling in our clown course. Why should you join? Here are ten benefits waiting for you:


Clowns are specialists in establishing a bond with their audience. Through laughter and humor, they can make people feel comfortable and relaxed. You’ll learn to establish a genuine bond with your audience.

Learning to improvise
The world of the clown is full of surprises and unforeseen events. You must be prepared to improvise and adapt to any situation. You’ll participate in exercises that will help you be witty and solve problems as a clown.

Enhancing your sense of humor
Sense of humor is a skill that can be developed and improved with practice. You’ll learn to find comedy in everyday situations and develop your sense of humor.

Clowns are famous for their ability to communicate. Through facial expressions, gestures, and body movements, they can effectively convey emotions and feelings.


You’ll be in a safe space guided by two professionals, which will help you loosen up and let your creativity flow. We’ll help you unleash your most creative and ingenious side.


Acting as a clown requires courage and self-confidence. As you face new challenges, you’ll see how your confidence grows, and you become bolder.


Laugh at your own mistakes and learn not to take life too seriously. Clowning is an excellent way to release tension and reduce daily stress.


Many clown exercises require collaboration and teamwork, and the motto is “The more I make my partner shine, the more I shine.”

Guaranteed fun

You’ll live a very fun and enriching experience. You’ll meet people with similar interests, have fun, and laugh like you haven’t in ages.

Dive into a world where failures are applauded, where laughter is always present, and the greatest responsibility is to enjoy and have fun! Enroll now in one of our online clown courses and prepare for an unforgettable experience.

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